Just to say hello!
πŸ˜€ Bye


Hi for the last time,

I’ve quit this blog, I HAVE NOT quit Club Penguin though.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this blog and I would like to thank you all!

Wish you well,


Hey guys!

Club penguin has announced that they are also going to realease books to go with the toys!

The books will be:

The Ultimate Offical Guide to Club Penguin

Stowaway! Adventures at sea.

Waddle Lots of Laughs (Jokes)

Stuck on Puffles (A sticker activity book)

I might get the Ultimate Offical Guide to Club Penguin.

On the other hand,

Do you think that CP should bring out old items?


Cheery =)

Hey guys,

No more member cheery for a while, yeah so sad. =(

I might get one later this week.

In other news,

Club Penguin is going to have a party in New York! Only for winners. Wish they had one in Australia. =| You have to compete to try and get a place. Good Luck Americans!

Well cya,

Cheery =)

Hey guys!

Did you see? Club Penguin can be in Portuguese! Good for Portuguese speakers, but I think I’ll just stick to English. Lol.

Well, Cya!


Hey guys,

The halloween igloo contest is this Friday.

To go into it just decorate your igloo, use your creativity, and you’ll be in the running! Good luck! πŸ˜‰



Hey guys,

There’s a new play on Club Penguin. Its a sequel to the Alien Play. Its called Planet Y, the last one was called Planet X .

Check it out, its an ok play. Not as good as others…

Well Cya!

Cheery =)

Hey guys!

Really sorry, long time no see!

1. Theres a new clothes catalouge with some pretty awesome clothes!

The ghost sheet, skeleton costume and black mask is back! Yay!

2. Some more toys on the sneek peek website, see older posts for the link.

3. New play coming soon! Its the Alien one again… oh well, I can’t always wish for another red vs blue play… lol

Well cya around,


Hey guys!

Theres some more toys at:


They look pretty good! Theres even a bumblebee one! =D

Check it out!


Cheery =)

Hey guys!

Awesome news, CP is making Club Penguin , penguin soft toys! Cute!

Go to http://www.clubpenguin.com/sneakpeek/ to see more about it!

Theres also a comp where you can win 1 of 1000 Limited Edition Viking Helmet Penguin. The comp starts on the 3rd of October. Can’t wait!


Cheery =)

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